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The Kelvin Grove State College Junior School P&C Subcommittee meets every second Monday of the month during the school term at 6:30pm in the Junior School Library. 

All are welcome to our meetings.

Important Notices


First JS P&C meeting for 2021 will be 8th February at 6.30pm in the Junior School Library. 


The JS P&C is looking for new committee members from the start of 2021. Have you got a couple of hours to spare and would like to get more involved in your school? It's a rewarding  opportunity to work with a great group of parents!


The School Pick Up Zone needs help urgently. 

About Us

Kelvin Grove State College has a long history of working to involve parents in the whole college experience. Parent Groups were set up for the purpose of giving parents a voice and opportunity to share ideas and also a chance to meet other parents in the community. Parent Groups are attended by the respective sub-school principal and chaired by the Junior School P&C President. The group currently meets on the second Monday of the month. This is the week before the official P&C Meeting, so any feedback or issues discussed can be passed on.

Pick Up Zone

Our school pick up zone is managed by two parent volunteers and a teacher aide every afternoon. Volunteering at our pick up zone is a great way to get to know our beautiful community a little better. It's a simple job, as the teacher aide knows the kids, so it’s just a matter of matching, safely dispatching and keeping the flow of cars moving.


Could you help out for 25 mins once every three weeks? If you can please contact the Coordinator by email kgpickup@hotmail.com

Junior School P&C Documents

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2020 Meeting Minutes

10th February 2020

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09th March 2020

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11th May 2020

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08th June 2020

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10th August 2020

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14th September 2020

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12th October 2020

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09th November 2020

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