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Junior School P&C
Parent Group

About Us

Kelvin Grove State College has a long history of working to involve parents in the whole college experience. Parent Groups were set up for the purpose of giving parents a voice and opportunity to share ideas and also a chance to meet other parents in the community. The Junior School P&C sub-committee meetings are attended by the Junior School principal and chaired by the Junior School P&C President. The group currently meets on the 2nd & 7th Mondays of each term at 6pm in the Junior School Library. This is the week before the official P&C Meeting, so any feedback or issues discussed can be passed on.

Junior School P&C Documents
2023 Meeting Dates & Minutes

31st January 2023

  • Meeting Minutes

6th March 2023

24th April 2023


29th May 2023

17th July 2023


21st August 2023


9th October 2023


13th November 2023     


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