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About Us

President's Welcome

Welcome to the Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association (KGSC P&C), a proud supporter of the world-class educational facility that is Kelvin Grove State College (KGSC).


Our association's primary objective is to enhance the learning experience of all students by providing additional facilities and opportunities, as well as fostering clear communication between the College and Parents/Caregivers.


As part of our commitment to the College, KGSC P&C manages several ancillary businesses that offer essential services to students and staff. We take pride in the fact that these businesses generate significant revenue that helps fund the operations and facilities of KGSC.


We encourage all members of the community to join the KGSC P&C and contribute to our meetings. For those interested in taking on a more active role, we are always looking for individuals to join our sub-committee and executive committee. We believe that by working together, we can help ensure that KGSC remains at the forefront of world-class education.


Craig Millis

President 2024

Our Aim

At Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association (KGSC P&C), we believe that building strong relationships between the college, families, and the wider community is essential to the success of our students. As the college continues to grow, the KGSC P&C is committed to maintaining a vital partnership between all stakeholders.


As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to enhancing facilities and experiences at the college for all our students. Thanks to the generous contributions of our school community and the KGSC P&C businesses, we have been able to fund projects such as major landscaping project for the middle & senior school, coffee vans for staff well-being breakfasts, library books, instrumental music, pool blankets and heating, brain health initiatives, water bubblers, senior school tuck-shop renovation, sports centre upgrades, and air-conditioning for classrooms.


KGSC P&C includes a diverse group of parents who bring expertise and skills to our various subcommittees. Whether you are interested in retail, business, project management, team leadership, or committee work, we welcome your participation and contributions.


To get involved, please contact our Business Operations Manager at We look forward to hearing from you and working together to support our students and school community.

2024 P&C Executive Committee

Craig Millis

President 2024

VicPresident 2023

David Harreveld

Treasurer 2024

Vice President 2023

JS P&C Co-Secretary 2021-2022

Peta-Lee Holt

Secretary 2024

Vice President 2023

Rebecca Foley

Vice President 2024

President 2023

Treasurer 2022

JS P&C President 2021-2022

Vice President 2021

Kristen Munro

Vice President 2024

Treasurer 2023

Milena Babenko

Vice President 2024

JS P&C President 2024

Vice President 2023

JS P&C President 2023

JS P&C Co-Secretary 2022

Trevor Omara

Vice President 2024

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