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Senior School Tuckshop

We are hiring!

We are seeking casual employees who are keen to join the tuckshop team at Kelvin Grove State College. We pay above award rates and all training is provided!

Duties include: food preparation, serving customers, stock control and cleaning. We need a team player who is keen to join us!

Please read the job description and email your application to

The KGSC Senior Tuckshop 'The Hive' is located in the heart of the Middle and Senior Campus and caters to all students from Year 6 – Year 12.


We are open for Breakfast, Morning Tea and Lunch five days a week and have a delicious menu of hot and cold dishes, cold drinks, snacks and ice creams for students to enjoy. We also have a variety of vegetarian, gluten free and Halal options available.


Students can move through the tuckshop and select their food or pre order online to avoid the queues. Both cash and eftpos are accepted for payment.

Towards the end of 2022 we opened a second satellite tuckshop 'Brooker Hive' located in the Brooker Stadium. This operates for year 6 & 7 students with their online orders being delivered to Brooker Hive.


We love volunteers so if you have time to spare and would like to come along and help out, please contact the convenor, Julie on (07) 3552 7324 or just pop in and see us.

Qkr! is used for all Junior & Senior Tuckshop & Uniform online orders.

The documents below have all the information to help set up your Qkr! account.

  • I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
    1. Go to the 2. Click on 'Forgot password' 3. Enter your mobile number or email address 4. Click 'send reset link' 5. Follow email or text prompts.
  • How do I mark an absence or cancel a booking?
    1. Open your Xplor app mobile device 2. Select session you want to mark absent 3. Click 'absent' 4. Click 'request' 5. You will then receive a confirmation notification from the service once the absence is confirmed Note: All absentees must be marked via the app no later than 2:00pm on the day of the booking. For all absences, families are required to notify us via the Xplor app if their child is away from school for the day and/or they don’t require Before and After School Care. This ensures we account for every child and ensure they are safe. Non notification of absences will result in an additional service charge being applied. Continued failure to report children away may result in the review of the enrolment.
  • How do I make a casual booking?
    1. Open your Xplor app on your mobile device 2. Select date required 3. Select '+ new' 4. Select 'booking' 5. Select required session 6. Click 'cart' in the top right hand corner 7. Select 'request' 8. You will receive a notification from the service to confirm your booking. Note: Before School Care bookings must be made prior to 6.30am and After School Care bookings must be made prior to 2.00pm of the day of the booking. In the event of needing emergency care after these times, please contact us via phone (3552 7419).
  • How do I notify of an extended absence?
    1. Open your Xplor app on your mobile device 2. Select '+ new' 3. Select 'absence or holiday' 4. Select dates your child will be absent 5. Add a comment if desired 6. Select 'absence' or 'holiday' 7. Select 'request' 8. You will receive a notification from the service confirming your cancellation. Note: All session cancellations must be made within our cancellation periods. Any cancellations made outside of this time will be marked as absences and full fees will be charged. For permanent cancellations of bookings: Please email all requests to
  • How do I update my email address?
    You will need to email OSHC and they will update your details for you.
  • How do I enrol my child/ren into OSHC?
    1. Go to the KGSC P&C Website ( 2. Click on 'Enrolment' within the Xplor section 3. Follow the steps provided 4. Submit the enrolment form to the Service 5. Our Management team will contact you within two (2) working days with your next steps in the enrolment process 6. You will receive an enrolment email from the service with further instructions.
  • Are there any additional documents I need to provide to OSHC?
    This information is included in the enrolment form A copy of your child's birth certificate. A copy of child's immunisation history statement. Click here for information on where you can access these records. A copy of any Medical Action Plans, and relevant medication A copy of any formal custody arrangement documentation
  • How do I add or remove an authorised contact?
    1. Go to the Xplor app 2. Select 'Account' 3. Select 'Contacts' 4. Select '+ add' 5. Select 'add new contact' 6. Complete new details and select appropriate authorisations 7. Select 'send invite' 8. They have 24 hours to action the invitation to be authorised To remove any contacts please contact the service.
  • Why do I need to authorise someone else to pick up my child?
    When arranging an authorised person to collect your child on behalf of a parent/guardian, we require this in writing to meet the obligation under the National Law and Regulations (Regulation 99). All authorisation’s must be updated by the parent in Xplor and will be kept in your child enrolment folder for our records. ​ If they are picking the child up for the first time, please contact the Service to advise them of this change. They must be an authorised contact in your Xplor account. Once they attend the Service they will be required to present their ID for verification. As the kiosk record (roll) is a legal document, you must also never give your phone number and PIN to any other person (including siblings), as these are a way to identify you under the Family Assistance Law. It is a very quick process for our Management team to set up your authorised contacts with their own PIN.
  • Can someone under the age of 18 collect my child? (eg: siblings)
    The Services does not recommend this practice, however understands that there are occasions where the only person available to collect the child is under the age of 18. The Service also acknowledges that families may use their discretion in determining the capacity of their own children to enter into self-care arrangements. A child may not be collected by a child under the age of 16 years. The Service will require additional documentation to be provided if the person collecting is under the age of 18 years.​​​​​ Please contact the Management team for additional information.
  • How do I pay my account?
    All accounts payments are via our DebitSuccess direct debit system which is fully automated. All accounts are required to be paid via a weekly or fortnightly payment cycle and must be paid one (1) week in advance. Your direct debit details are completed on enrolment through Xplor
  • How can I give feedback?
    We value and appreciate feedback at all times from our stakeholders. Please contact us either verbally or via email with any ideas, suggestions, or areas for improvement for our Service.
  • How do I update my direct debit details?
    1. Go to the Xplor app 2. Select 'finance' tab 3. Select 'Kelvin Grove OSHC' icon 4. Select 'Change direct debit' 5. Select 'Change' 6. Enter Updated Details for bank account or credit card 7. Click 'Add details' 8. Select 'save payment details'
  • Why do I need to complete a form?
    Under the National Law and Regulations to which our Service is governed, all children attending an excursion, or an extra-curricular activity must have a Permission Form giving written consent that they can participate. This is a rule to ensure safety and account for children leaving the premises or moving to another location. Without parental written permission as required under the National Law and Regulations, the child is unable to attend the activity.
  • What activities require permission forms?
    All school based extra-curricular activities that run out of school hours. For example, swimming, tennis, drama, music and many more.
  • Where can I find the Extra Curricular Activity form?
    Please click here to be redirected to our Service Forms page. Alternatively, you can email our Management team to be provided one, or collect one in person.
  • What end date do I use?
    If your child’s activity is only running for several weeks (eg: when external vendors such as Soccer Roar attend), you would document the start date and the end date of the activity. If your child is participating in a permanent yearly activity (eg: tennis), you can put the start date as their first day of attendance, and the end date as the end of Term 4 2023. This way, the activity form stays in place all year, and only needs to be amended if there are any changes.
  • How often do I need to complete a form?
    The forms need to be completed each calendar year, preferably before Term 1 starts, and whenever there are any changes to their activity (eg: day or time changes).
  • Can I put all my children on the same form?
    No. We do require an individual form for each child. However, we have made these forms as quick and easy to use as possible whilst still within the parameters of our regulatory requirements.
  • How do I cancel an activity?
    Please email our Management team of any cancellations to activities. We will then remove your child from our extracurricular list and file your form. A new form must be completed if you begin your activity again. Please me mindful this does not advise the external vendors (eg: KGSC Swim Club, Soccer Roar, etc) of the change.
  • When is the vacation care program released?
    Bookings for vacation care open at 7am on Monday of week 7 of the term and can be made via the Xplor app.
  • How do I book vacation care days?
    1. Open your Xplor app on your mobile device 2. Select '+ new' 3. Select date required 4. Select required session 6. Click 'cart' in the top right hand corner 7. Select 'request' 8. You will receive a notification from the service to confirm your booking. Note: Vacation Care bookings must be made prior to 2.00pm of the previous day. If you require emergency care after this time, please contact us (3552 7419).
  • How do I cancel vacation care days?
    1. Open your Xplor app mobile device 2. Select session you want to mark absent 3. Click 'absent' 4. Click 'request' 5. You will then receive a confirmation notification from the service once the absence is confirmed
  • When can my child first attend vacation care?
    Your child can begin to attend Vacation Care on the year they enter Prep from the 01 January of the calendar year.
  • What does my child have to wear to vacation care?
    Sun safe clothing (e.g. shirts, or dresses with sleves) and a hat (broad brimmed is recommended). All children are to wear enclosed shoes to ensure their safety when climbing and participating in our activities. We also recommend a spare change of clothes as children get actively involved in the activities we provide and may get dirty, wet, etc.
  • What food do I need to provide for my child?
    On service days, all families must provide their children morning tea and lunch. On excursion days, families must provide their children with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We recommend that you pack more food than during term time as the children tend to get hungrier from all the activities they undertake throughout the day. The Service provides children with breakfast, if attending the Service before 8:30am and afternoon tea for all children from 3:00pm to 3:30pm.
  • Can my child bring their electronic devices to vacation care?
    Children are permitted to bring electronic devices on all days, except for excursion days. These items are only allowed in certain scheduled times of our program and continued use is subject to acceptable behavior. We ask that children do not bring mobile phones to Vacation Care for any reason. If children are to bring mobile phones, these are not be used for communication purposes and mobile data/WiFi must be switched off or the SIM card must be removed. Children are also not allowed to take photos of any other children on personal devices while at OSHC. Terms and Conditions: Only one electronic device is allowed at OSHC each day Electronic devices cannot be charged at OSHC Mobile data must be switched off or sim card may be removed No movies are allowed on devices unless preapproved by Management No photos of any other children are to be taken If rules are not complied with, devices will be confiscated and returned to parents upon departure
  • Are there any additional fees associated with vacation care?
    Our special events (incursions, excursions, etc) incur additional charges. Please view the program for more information.
  • Do you need my child's medical action plan?
    If your child has a diagnosed medical condition they must provide us with (prior to attending): A copy of the medical Action Plan prepared and signed by their GP (if there is one in place) Any reports or information about their medical condition Any medication required to be administered by the Service Once we are notified of a child who has a Medical Action Plan, the family must fill out a Service Risk Minimisation Plan that details important information we must know to be able to support your child’s health and wellbeing. The Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan is a Regulatory requirement and a required document under the National Law and Regulations. We require this document to be reviewed annually.
  • Do you need my child's medication on site?
    All required medication must be on site for all sessions booked for your child. All medication must be in its original packaging, with a chemist label attached, stating the child's name and dosage. A medication administration authority form must also be completed.
  • My child is sick, how long should they be excluded from care?
    The aim of exclusion is to reduce the spread of infectious disease. The less contact there is between people who have an infectious disease and people who are at risk of catching the disease, the less chance the disease has of spreading. Excluding ill children, educators and other staff is an effective way to limit the spread of infection in education and care services. For more information on this, please click here.
  • How does the service support preps in their transition to school?
    We appreciate that it takes time to welcome and transition our newest KGOSHC members into our program. Prep children are welcome and encouraged to participate in our diverse range of activities. Our wonderful Educators are great at scaffolding activities for diverse age ranges and interests, so there is something for everyone. Throughout the first term we have designated Prep activities to foster new friendships, support our preps to develop confidence and help familiarize themselves with our service and activities. Before School Care: We have designated Educator’s to support prep children to transition into the program, participate in activities and engage with their peers. From 8:30am there is a designated prep roll call and game before children transition to school. Prep children are walked to their classes at 8:45am and supported to unpack their bags and settle in their classroom. After School Care: Prep children are collected from their classroom by Educator’s and walked to After School Care. We have designated prep Educator’s who will support your child/ren to transition into the afternoon program and make choices about how they spend their afternoon in care. In Term 1, prep children have a designated eating area where they can take the time to mingle with classmates and are supported to choose an activity to participate in.
  • Preparing for care in OSHC
    Families are welcome and encouraged to visit our service prior to your child/ren commencing their enrolment. All families will need to book a 15- minute orientation with a member of our management team. We find this Is a really helpful way of preparing children for Before School Care and After School Care. It is also a wonderful way for our families to meet our friendly team. We will provide families with an “All about me” sheet for you and your child/ren to complete. This helps us to get to know our preppies, what they enjoy and how we can best support them.
  • Can my prep child attend Vacation Care prior to starting prep?
    Yes! We encourage preps who will be attending during the school term to attend during the January vacation care program so they can get familiar with the service, educator's and other children. It is also a fantastic time for educator's to build a relationship with your child and ensure they are ready for Term 1.
Frequently Asked Questions
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