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What We Offer

At Kelvin Grove OSHC, we provide care before and after school for children in Prep to Year 6 attending Kelvin Grove State College. On pupil free days and during school holidays, from 2022 we are no longer able to take children from surrounding schools. Upon application, KG children in Year 7 will be considered depending on available spaces.

Our Progam

Our Educational Program

We provide a huge variety of activities and experiences to our children based on current interests and children's suggestions. We also encourage children to direct their own play and have a range of resources available to support this. Our Vacation Care program combines fun-filled activities at the school and incursions & excursions outside of the service.

For further information, please see our Educational Program and Menu displayed in the service foyer.

Before School Care

Our Before School Care program provides children with a more quiet, safe space to start their morning, with free play and organised activities available.

Breakfast is provided until 8.00am.

After School Care

Our After School Care program provides children with various organised activities and free play opportunities that encourage exploration, engagement and enjoyment.

Afternoon tea is provided until 3.30pm.

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care program is always jam packed with themed service days, as well as various exciting incursions and excursions. The program is released prior to holidays (in week 7).


Our Facilities

Under our Licensing approval with the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care – we are licensed to operate in the following areas of the school. We primarily use the Junior School areas, however do venture to the Senior School on occasion.

Junior School Hall

Children have access to several programmed activities and play opportunities to engage in throughout the day. We offer craft, construction and dramatic play in the hall, along with a quiet space for children to enjoy. We provide a variety of resources, including loose parts, and let the children's creativity and individuality flow.


Our kitchen is used to prepare healthy and exciting options for breakfast and afternoon tea. This is a great space for us to share cooking experiences with the children. Sweet, savoury, hot and cold, we love exploring different recipes with our little master chefs.

Music Room

Aptly named, the music room is where we enjoy a variety of dance games, music games and other more relaxing activities. You will find children in this space watching movies in vacation care or busting out a move during after school care.

Senior Playground

Our Seniors (Year 3 and up - as per school rules) have the opportunity to use this large climbing frame for their play. Our little monkeys enjoy climbing to the top and chilling out with their friends. It is a space that is always used.

Junior Playground

Our Juniors (Prep-Year 2) enjoy using this space in a variety of different ways. Some days it becomes a ninja warrior course and other days a gymnastics arena. The children use the surrounding area to play small ball games, including handball.

Prep Playground

Our prep children have the opportunity to play on our designated prep playground equipment located in front of our main door. This area provides preps with their own space to explore without the larger children dominating the area.


All children have the opportunity to enjoy the sensory benefits of having sand between their toes at After School Care. The children enjoy large digging holes, making sand pies and burying one another in the sandpit. 


The undercroft is a fantastic multipurpose space, we use this space for programmed activities like dodgeball as well as a space for groups to initiate their own games. 


We have programmed outdoor activities on the oval such as soccer, cricket and hockey. We also have a variety of sports equipment available at all times for children wanting to initiate a game of their own.

Circle Area

This area has two main purposes for our children - a chill out space or a ninja space. The children enjoy leaping between the circles, trying very hard not to hit the ground and using the circles as seating to engage in conversations with their friends.

OSHC Garden

The OSHC garden is slowly but surely coming to life. Zane runs gardening club here at OSHC on a weekly basis and has worked with the kids to create a fantastic garden that is growing fruits and vegetables that we can use in our menu and cooking here at OSHC. 

Handball Courts

Under construction

Senior Club

Under construction

Occasionally we will venture up to the Senior School to use additional play spaces. These spaces are more regularly used during the vacation care period.

Swimming Pool
Senior School Hall
Senior School Oval

Under construction


Under construction


Under construction

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