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Vacation Care

Our Program

Our Vacation Care Program is jam-packed with fun activities and various “theme days”. Our program incorporates a range of craft, games, sports, cooking, project work and free play activities. In amongst all the excitement, there are also opportunities for some holiday rest and relaxation as well. We also include a range of incursions and excursions in our Vacation Care program, and these may vary for different age groups. Bookings open at 7am on Monday of week 7 of each term and can be made through the Xplor app.

Please refer to our vacation care program for specific details regarding theme days, incursions, excursions, additional costs and daily requirements.

Our Menu

Please ensure you pack a healthy lunchbox with enough food for the day. At times, lunch may be included as part of our programmed activities. Please refer to the program for additional information.

Breakfast is supplied by the service between 6.30am and 8:30am. Children can choose from a variety of cereals, toast and fruit. On some mornings, we also have a special breakfast option for the children to choose from.

Afternoon tea is provided from 3:30pm. This includes a healthy snack and a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Important Reminders
  • The Service method of payment is Direct Debit. Bookings will not be accepted unless direct debit has been activated and accounts are up to date.

  • Morning tea and lunch is not provided. Please ensure your child/ren has enough food for the long day.​​

  • Children must wear closed in shoes. Children are NOT to wear sandals or thongs. 

  • Children must wear a hat (broad brimmed recommended) and sun safe clothing (no singlets).

  • The Service provides Coles SPF50+ sunscreen. If your child requires special sunscreen, please provide a labelled bottle to the Service.

  • Some days have maximum capacity, so please book in early to avoid missing out.

  • We recommend that all children bring a spare set of old clothes, as some activities may be extremely messy or children may get wet.

  • Kelvin Grove OSHC take no responsibility for any child who brings in their own possessions (e.g. electronic devices, money, trading cards, toys or games).


  • Please note: Additional charges vary depending on the day and activity. They will be applied to your account and show on your statement.​​

Booking Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days

Permission Forms

All excursions require a permission form to be completed. These will be emailed out at the start of the vacation care program.

Please note:

Excursions LEAVE ON TIME, if you are late your child/children may miss out and you will still need to pay excursion fees as per our policy.

Cancellation Policy

Any requests to cancel bookings require seven days written notice, as we are required to confirm numbers with vendors and assist with staffing arrangements. All cancellations must be made through the Xplor app. If you are outside the cancellation window, you will be charged full fees and an absence will be marked.

Absent days

If your child is absent during the vacation care period, the same absence policy as term time applies. You will need to mark your child absent via the Xplor app. This is available to download via your app store​.

If you are new to our Service or have any questions regarding booking into Vacation Care, please contact our Management team via email.

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