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  • Rebekah Goodie | Service Coordinator

OSHC IN 2021

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

As we had predicted, 2021 has bought a large influx of new enrolments and bookings for our OSHC service. As a reminder, we are only licensed to care for 170 children for After School Care and we are very quickly approaching this number.

At time of posting, we currently have vacancies on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday is currently fully booked with a waitlist in place.

If you are looking to use our Service in 2021, permanently or casually, please submit your enrolment or re enrolment requests as soon as possible. You will be notified if you are placed on the waitlist and will be contacted if a place becomes available.

New enrolments: All required documents, including child immunisation history, and birth certificate, must be submitted for the enrolment to be formalised.

Any questions, please contact the OSHC Management Team via email (

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