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Our Meetings

The Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association meet in weeks 3 and 8 of each term at 5:30pm in the SUB Shop Conference Room (enter via gate 3 on L'Estrange Terrace, head up the ramp). Arrive at 5:15pm for a cuppa and a chat.

Everyone is welcome to our meetings. The meetings are a great way to find out the latest news happening around the college.

Important Notices


The AGM has been moved to Monday 20th 2023 starting at 5.30pm SUB shop conference room. Came at 5.15pm for tea,coffee and cocktails.

Presidents Welcome

Welcome to the Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association. Kelvin Grove State College (KGSC) is a world class educational facility and the P&C Association is proud to support the College at many levels. 

The key objectives of the P&C Association are to enhance the learning experience of all students through providing students with additional facilities and opportunities, and to ensure there is a forum for clear two-way communication between the College and Parents/Caregivers. 

The P&C Association is charged with running a number of College ancillary businesses that provide necessary services to students and staff, and the P&C is proud of the fact that these businesses generate significant revenue to augment the operations and facilities of the College. The KGSC P&C Association welcomes new members to provide input to meetings and for those who wish to play a more active role the P&C is always on the lookout for people to take on sub-committee and executive committee roles.

From 2023 our P&C meetings will be held on Monday of weeks 3 and 8 of each team (unless there is a public holiday), in the SUB Shop Conference Room, enter via Gate 3 on Léstrange Tce. Please join us.

Michelle King

Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association

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Our Aim

The Kelvin Grove State College P&C Association (P&C) is committed to providing a strong link between College, families and community. This partnership is particularly important as our College community grows. As you would be aware, the College has a number of significant developments underway or recently completed. The P&C is committed to enhancing these new facilities. For example, the P&C provided funds for landscaping around the new Junior School classrooms. We are also committed to enhancing existing facilities. Funds raised by the P&C have paid for additional library books, heating our College pool, classroom air-conditioning and stage risers for our students performing in the College Hall. 

This school has a wide variety of parents with expertise in the fields our P&C operates in and we welcome your contributions. With such a variety of subcommittees from music to childcare to swimming to chaplaincy - there is sure to be something that interests you - retail, business, project management, team leadership, or committee work.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the KGSC P&C Business Operations Manager at

2022     P&C Executive Committee

Michelle King

President 2022

Treasurer 2020-2021

Vice President 2019

Rebecca Foley

Treasurer 2022

JS P&C President 2021-2022

Vice President 2021

Cecilia Chong Wah

Secretary 2022



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