Qikkids Enrol:

New Family Registration

These steps are for new families who have never used our Service in the past.

If you have used our Service in the past, or have enrolled siblings previously, please click here. If you are unsure, please email us.

IMPORTANT: Please read the below information before you commence the enrolment process.

Registering your child/ren via the Qikkids Enrol web portal.

1. Click on 'Register' in the widget box to the right.

2. Enter your Given Name, Surname and email address. Click 'Register'.

3. You will receive a confirmation email with steps to complete your registration.

4. Download the My Family Lounge app to your mobile device or tablet.

5. Enter both parents (if known) details​​ into the contact section.

Note: If you would like both parents to have access to the My Family Lounge mobile device app, select 'Yes' in set up as user question.

6. Enter at least one additional contacts (18 years and older) that we can contact in an emergency. These contacts must be different to the parents/guardians.

Note: If there is a sibling under 18 years that will collect, the Service has an additional form for parents/guardians must complete to give permission for this. Click here to download the form.

7. Add child details, ensuring that you select authorisations for each contact.

8. Select the 'Register account with no waitlist' option. You will be sent a Service form once the enrolment form has been submitted.​​

9. Click on 'Start Enrolment' and complete an enrolment form for all children you are enrolling.

10. Once enrolment form is complete, click 'Submit' and this will send the form to the Service.

11. A member of Management will contact you via email requesting the additional documents below within two (2) working days.

Additional documents that must be provided prior to your child commencing care. Enrolments will not be processed unless these documents are provided.

  • A copy of your child's birth certificate.

  • A copy of child's immunisation history statement. Click here for information on where you can access these records.

  • A copy of any Medical Action Plans, and relevant medication.

  • A New Child and Booking Request Form.

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