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The P&C meets 7pm, 3rd Monday of each month in the Middle/Senior School Library
(see calendar for dates)

We would love to see you there!

KGSC P&C is a group that works collaboratively with the school in looking after our students in the best possible way. We continue to support the school administration wherever we can. The school Financial Plan, Operational Plan, Risk Management Strategy, Behavioural Plan are just some of the issues discussed and endorsed at P&C meetings. New school facilities, road crossings and parking, are other issues regularly discussed at our forums.

This school has a wide variety of parents with expertise in the fields our P&C operates in and we welcome your contributions. With such a variety of subcommittees from music to child care to swimming to chaplaincy - there is sure to be something that interests you - retail, business, project management, team leadership, or committee work.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the Business Operations Manager at

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Executive Committee

Grant Asser

Joanne Hamer

Nils Resare

Vice Presidents

Jo Hamer

Kerry Nisbet


QCPCA Representative

Louise Titterton


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